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Five days after the black badge protest, Bank of Baroda officers' concerns over the inter-zone transfer policy remain unresolved. AIBOBOA warns of intensified agitation if management fails to address the grievances from over 4000 officers.
Abhivad | 2024-06-18
Federal Bank Employees demand adherence to transfer policy, protection of trade union rights and end to fixed-term employment.
Abhivad | 2024-06-13
Hundreds of Bank of Baroda officers staged a protest today, wearing black badges, to highlight grievances regarding the new transfer policy. The All India Bank of Baroda Officers’ Association (AIBOBOA) has called for further agitation programs following unsuccessful conciliation meetings with the management.
Abhivad | 2024-06-12
Union Bank officers are voicing concerns over the new transfer policy, citing issues with distant relocations and lack of humanitarian consideration.
Abhivad | 2024-06-10
Canara Bank officers are voicing concerns about the new transfer policy, citing issues related to distant relocations and alleged favouritism.
Abhivad | 2024-06-07
Two weeks have passed since the All India Punjab National Bank Officers' Association of Bijnor Circle, Uttar Pradesh wrote to the Circle Head of Punjab National Bank, highlighting numerous instances of officer harassment and demanding immediate resolution. The issues still remain unresolved.
Abhivad | 2024-05-30
Lateral hirings in Public Sector Banks spark debate, as recent exits of senior officials raise questions about leadership stability and talent retention.
Abhivad | 2024-05-29
A new circular from the State Bank of India restricts employees and their dependents from opening Demat accounts with depositories outside the State Bank Group. The directive has sparked criticism on social media.
Abhivad | 2024-05-28
Bank Bachao Desh Bachao Manch (BBDBM) has been conducting extensive public awareness campaigns across West Bengal with the slogan ‘Resist Privatization, Save PSBs’ amid the election season.
Abhivad | 2024-05-22
The All India PNB Officers’ Federation has raised concerns over prolonged working hours caused by day-end checks, impacting officer welfare and customer service. The federation demands an immediate halt to this practice and warns of potential protests if the issue persists.
Abhivad | 2024-05-17