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Union Bank officer Priya Ranjan Kumar, alleged in an inter-bank fraud complaint, has been transferred to another region amid ongoing investigations.
Abhivad | 2024-07-16
General Council of AIBOC concluded in Guwahati with the reelection of P M Balachandra as President and Rupam Roy as General Secretary. The council passed significant resolutions aimed at fortifying the public sector banking in India.
Abhivad | 2024-07-12
A complaint reveals an unprecedented method of fraud involving a nexus operating from three banks through inter-bank transfers misusing Miscellaneous Accounts such as Sundry and Suspense accounts. Three relatives working in Union Bank, Canara Bank and Punjab National Bank respectively have flouted banking practices to evade Income Tax. However, the alleged Union Bank officer has denied all the allegations speaking to Kanal.
Abhivad | 2024-07-04
Questions have been raised about the efficiency of the DEA Fund in creating customer awareness.
Abhivad | 2024-07-03
Union Bank of India faces increasing fraud incidents, primarily due to staff shortages and heavy workloads. The All India Union Bank Employees Association (AIUBEA) has urged immediate recruitment to fill vacant positions.
Abhivad | 2024-07-02
A disturbing incident occurred at the State Bank of India’s Wadwani Branch in Beed, Maharashtra, where a customer assaulted the branch manager. The latest attack, captured on CCTV, has raised serious concerns about the safety of bankers.
Abhivad | 2024-06-28
Bank of Baroda ready to divest its entire 98% stake in Nainital Bank, with Premji Invest in advanced talks to acquire majority stake. Employees demand merger with parent bank BOB instead of privatisation.
Abhivad | 2024-06-27
Five days after the black badge protest, Bank of Baroda officers' concerns over the inter-zone transfer policy remain unresolved. AIBOBOA warns of intensified agitation if management fails to address the grievances from over 4000 officers.
Abhivad | 2024-06-18
Federal Bank Employees demand adherence to transfer policy, protection of trade union rights and end to fixed-term employment.
Abhivad | 2024-06-13
Hundreds of Bank of Baroda officers staged a protest today, wearing black badges, to highlight grievances regarding the new transfer policy. The All India Bank of Baroda Officers’ Association (AIBOBOA) has called for further agitation programs following unsuccessful conciliation meetings with the management.
Abhivad | 2024-06-12